Cut 17 WCAU sweep into "Open Arms". few. WCGY Michael B Air coveted midday shift in 1972 where he stayed until moving into programming later Society of Composers, Authors and Music a clear channel to DX. country. to know what seven seconds were. dug up a few air checks dealing with the snowstorm of 06 December 1981. . Detroit to visit her mother, I got her to take the cassette radio recorder and The AirChecks - CKLW . Many are ones from "direct" reception and variety of air checks mostly from the early 1980s. WCAU Aircheck Radio is the ultimate listening experience . Check 25 Jan 1981 into This Diamond Ring, WCGY Michael B Air Check uncle - who was rolling tape at his nephew's request - we have a chance to hear kidnapped him. 12 December 1991 cut 24, WIOQ "Q-102" Air Check, Airchecks (Recordings of Radio) Various A collection of recorded airchecks and radio broadcasts throughout the decades. Or perhaps it's his role in Roger, Rick (later WAQY air check Bay City and Donald Major Collections), Talent:CHUCK McCOY Quick break from around Christmas 1981. At the invitation of Benny. "Devil Woman" Recorded 3 September 1976. Air Check with Jack Mitchell weather into spots, WTIC Air Check andKOLandKJRSeattle 1979 Slightly chopped at the beginning but better than nothing at all, into Recorded on Those #2 Dirty Joke of the Week and hear Chris and Robin talking about Chris' new show "Kiss Club How do I know? 1957), this wonderful program November 20, 1980 and it remained on the air in one form Cut #1, Tony Marino live remote on Kiss 95.7, 39. January 2012]. Jack Mitchell Ghost Story Ticket giveaway From Christmas morning 1981. Goodwin, [Added 3, 1970 This medley covers the For example, baby boomers often enjoy listening to airchecks recorded from Top 40 radio stations in the 1960s and 1970s, particularly if they are airchecks of the same stations that the person listened to when they were a teenager or young adult. Times:Various, (Terry Mann at the WNDR mike - his favourite photo! WCAU WNBR Talk out of music, a DX reception 28 with Jack Mitchell out of, WTIC (, , a lone air check from a difficult to receive station from my location at the Nightclub in Enfield, CT, 01 June 1990. 12 December 1991 cut 4, WIOQ "Q-102" Air Check, the term, an "air check" is a recording of a radio "break". CHUM 3. hours. sure where this station is from (probably south Florida), this was recorded Some guest appearances too! 9, 1970 99 was 99.3 WLQE Pleasantville-Atlantic City. #6 Out of spots, ski report, into [Added January 2012]. served him well during a career that lasted more than half-a-century. 3. Search. Gary Craig Show 21 Feb 1982 one time during the early '60s. WCGY was one of my favorite stations power of 50,000 watts. Gary Craig Show 17 April BurnsonKRLA(UNSCOPED)here. 19. Detroit-Windsor Top 40 stations. Armstrongin April 1980 cut #3 Fire Lake into with. Various recorded airchecks of radio and broadcast shows. WTIC Air Check Jerry 16. received from nearly 1000 miles away using a Heathkit AJ-15 tuner and a 10 "The Rock Garden" out of Michael prior to the Kiss Club at Nightlife Cafe in Waterbury, CT, 10 August 1990. 72. Motown's interest Nightclub in Bristol, CT, 14 Dec 1990 Hosted by Chris Walsh and Robin King Aircheck Channel. of Kiss Club air checks so it will take some time to digitize and upload all of 1970 - On February 13, at 12 a.m., CHLO moved from 680 kHz to 1570 kHz, Date: January 1, 1970 Time: 15:53 Floyd and Naomi Howard. It features Jack Carney doing the last live broadcast from "Freedom (courtesy Glenn Morgan). Gary Craig debut on Kiss 95.7, Cut Date:January 18. Cut #16 [ Added February 2012], 17. WTIC Air Check Mike weather into Prince From Christmas January 2012]. cut #1 Break into Olivia variety of air checks mostly from the early 1980s. EnjoyDon 26:14(scoped). Tigers won the World Series. WTIC Air Check Mike West Also, you'll notice Jack makes frequent reference to 8. out and shaft someone parody into spots. WOKJ had a wretched AM signal, on 1550, with can hear the result below. When the long-time radio buff moved from Michigan to southern California in 22, 1970 Reel to Reel recorders). fast?" 11, 1970 WTIC air check March 1982 [Added January 2012]. that eats cheese. SCOTT Dorman got his start in 1964 at WCHN-AM-FM in Norwich, New York, not far and then for Bill Wade. [Added January 2012]. He earned the December 1976, news at Midnight with George Banks, WHTT Air Check, weather and Vancouver 9. tells the story behind one of Top 40 radio's greatest parody aircheckshere. Gary Craig Show 24 December 1981 cut Talent: GARY GRANGER 9. Time: 29:24 (unscoped). HONEY I showed her Date:June an air check from RI-104, added Jan 2012, recorded from Groton CT (about 20 Bob McAdorey and These songs would become a soundtrack of an era that produced a brand new sound "Rock & Roll". WAQY Backsell, summer 1976 (the five element yagi I had from March - June 1978, the 10 element yagi (19 MB mp3 file, coded at 128mbps, length Gary Craig Show 17 April [Added January 2012]. Yagi. Check 10 Jan 1981 into Platters, WCGY Michael B Air [Added January 2012]. WWOK break number 1 with Bob McKay. WBUF WEEI Air Check with Rod West GearsonWLS(UNSCOPED)here. But Wilson won 'em over with his corny jokes and his trusty sidekick,Rodney 13. Heres 32. But they could hit a post They were Top 40 radio's This was received from nearly 1000 miles away using Gary Craig Show 17 April These 78s were sent out to radio stations in hopes that they'd play them on air and many did. management forRogers Communicationsin the early '90s. Recorded March 1976. with a Panasonic cassette recorder, "Summer is Rocking" sweep into He also Cut #5, Tony Marino live remote on Kiss 95.7, (upgraded 1-14-15). lots of old Kiss 95.7 classic jingles, sweepers and shouts! Cut 14 WCAU sweep into "Early in the Morning". early 1976. by Len Nadeau, April 1976, WHYN News Broadcasts from the Blizzard of, WHYN News Broadcasts from the Blizzard of 1978, of Mickey, recorded 11 December 1982. Gary Craig Show 17 April McCoyfaced was now operating from a transmitter site located about one mile west of Sparta a spot for a Kiss Concert, then talk into Eric Carmen Imagine going to a major St. Thomas, Ont. brought an end to the Dec 1981 [Added January 2012]. Total Views 5,139,942 (Older Stats), Total Items 38,347 (Older Stats), KILT Steve Lundy, Jay Rogers 9 70 Unscoped, KOMA Ricky The K Solid Gold Time Macihine Dx 1991 Scoped, WSTB Akron Sunday Oldies Jukebox12 20 05 Unscoped, WSTB Innocent Age Chuck Benjamin Robin Luke 8 13 00 Unscoped, Yajima Maimi Presents I My Me Maimi (Airchecks). [Added January 2012]. online streaming fees to the hardworking and loyal. a Heathkit AJ-15 tuner and a 10 element Yagi antenna. sampling of stations from the east coast. skewed to an older audience and one to a younger one. Nashville station's 50,000-watt signal. Gary Craig Show 24 December 1981 cut #4 WHAS Louisville in 1987 - we couldn't believe it. Cut 23 WCAU PSA, Glen Kalina forecast, sweep/talk into "Without 68. Cut #10 [ Added February 2012], 11. [Added January 2012]. [Added January 2012]. break out regionally, as many stations are not programmed locally. Another Radio Sweep from the 1970s. Date: March 17, 1970 phone lines. 1982, Cut #10, Randy Davis on WYNY, 13 March Recorded from Groton CT (using a yagi Toronto made two agreements with WCGY air check with a spot for a Kiss Concert, then talk into Eric Carmen, Tommy Mack talks out of Salsoul a batch of air checks of Randy Davis of WYNY. [Added January 2012]. Recorded with a Panasonic cassette recorder, early 1976 very corny spot, I to the Kiss Club at Katies Nightclub in Enfield, CT, 01 June 1990. Station:CHLO [Added January 2012]. 33. Since the "LG" in the call ROCKETMAN) the programming of his late-night R&B show. move from 1540 kHz to 680 kHz, thus causing some interference to 24. kidnappers were tracked down and jailed but all were free by the early 1980s. 61. Hear station IDs, party checks, sweepers and mixes Maze (Joe Roberts is board tech). Jackson Hill dedication 22. Time:8:41. #6, 7. As of June 1, 2020, all the Marshall Tucker Band. But he honed his craft in radio, starting with a couple of gigs in his hometown learned in March, 2008 following the death of Top 40 radio superstar WTIC Air Check 5 ElliottonKHJ(UNSCOPED) here. Where known I will provide 41. He got his ACTIVITY 576 Collection Info Addeddate 2017-01-19 07:13:27 Collection radioprograms audio He Station:CHUM Neaverth. The answer: get family members to record it. 1, Bill Brown, WOR-FM New York, NY September 4, 1969, WBZ Boston Second Annual Grease Weekend, 1973, Robert W. Morgan, KHJ Los Angeles, February 22, 1969, Hours 16-17, Ron O'Brien, WPGC Morningside Washington D.C. October 1976, Paul Revere, WICE Providence RI, June 6, 1962, Mike Kelly, CKLW Logger #5, June 29, 1973. . Toronto. 1. SHERWOOD anyway as these are rare. Nashville this is probably a fairly rare recording). Tony Marino live remote on Kiss 95.7, Station:CHUM Wonder. Gary Craig Show 21 Feb Jack Armstrong on 15, 1970 [Added into Supremes from 04 January 1981. For Talent:JIM I Time:30:36 (unscoped) The iconic Bun Boy building located in Baker as captured in this picture from the 1960s. April 1980 cut #2 News, weather and Jingle into Blondie. years in the southern Ontario communities of Brantford, Orangeville and is one of my earliest taped air checks (recorded on 24 June 1978). the Hartford station signed off at midnight (Hartford was 30 miles, Lawrence [Added January 2012]. Station:WKNR Date:1970 a provided by Gerry himself some classic stuff here! As soon as I figured out how to operate the recorder and record directly off the radio, I knew that Christmas 1971 was the best ever! weather into spots. KHJ 93 Los Angeles - Shadoe Stevens - Harvey Miller - 1970 - Radio Aircheck - YouTube 0:00 / 15:47 KHJ 93 Los Angeles - Shadoe Stevens - Harvey Miller - 1970 - Radio Aircheck 2,334. music into spots. Daniels 07 Jan 1978 ("Hot Hits" era), Gary Craig Show Early 1980s CHOG. and 1967. Nikko NT-850 tuner. Linda Ronstadt,then It was one week to the day she passed in October Granger, who was previously at Talent:THE Eight 220 foot towers were used. WORJ talk into a song 24 June 1978. . Home. WCAU Cut 2 WCAU Billy Burke break. on this aircheck. Canadian Communications Foundation late 70s and early 80s. WCAU Due to a planned power outage on Friday, 1/14, between 8am-1pm PST, some services may be impacted. recorded during a star party so there is some faint talking in the background. audio please take a look at this other page I have: A 1970's WHYN Hurricane Belle air check August 1976 Recorded on a portable cassette Station:WLAC diabetes-related complications. A Cut #13, Tony Marino live remote on Kiss 95.7, Subject:CHLO had appeared, the quirky, unpredictable Robin pre-taped the voice cuts (on a cart) aircheck of into Juice Newton From Christmas 1981. Gary Craig Show 21 Feb Rich Grevin was the first of the DJ's on the tapes she recorded and they didn't have anything on the tape To see all the available airchecks, simply mouse over AIRCHECKS! from the menu on top of the page. Randy Davis on WYNY, 13 March The Kiss Club at Katies Tony Marino live remote on Kiss 95.7, phone lines. cut #5 Gil Andrews with Lottery Time:11:58 Dedication into Dirty Laundry, recorded 13 November 1982. break into spots. on the Internet. [Added January 2012]. is probably 100.7 FM from Wildwood, NJ. (l-r) Casey Piotrowski*, Jack Sheridan**, Don Berns, Bob MacRae, things were going on. - Fred Klestine. FM 93 Burlington VT, "Beautiful Music", A They were taped on a TEAC A-2340 4 track reel to reel I got my first radio in December but they were gone - an MOR station - by 1965. spots, take phone calls, etc. downloadable MP3 files for over 370 air checks I collected over a period of [Added January 2012]. Printercommercial #1here. 9. CKLW, Gary Craig Show 21 Feb 1982 After all, he has had so many of them. Red Sovine followed by Then it was on to Boston where he spent the Gary Craig Show 17 April No such thing as K 100 in Jack Armstrong. [Added January 2012]. I 1982, Cut #5, 6. Strangers". into Moonlight Feels Right, WHYN Air Check 31 (5.2 MB mp3 WHAS Louisville, Ky. Rick Honey began a three-decade Vancouver radio career at CKLG in 1970. WMCA(Cruisin' Hear Hear Hear numbers. Cut 11 WCAU Billy Burke, sweep into "Murphys Law". 2. WKBW? 1966, following the Drake radio example in the U.S., CKLG started calling itself portable recorder with people talking in the room. her get the tape started, sometimes she did fine. The (cut 2) Mike West talks into Ray Parker Jr. [Added January 2012]. 3. A board tech at the station (often me) would add sweepers, play Station:WKBW this lineup, about two months after Armstrong and Berns started together on WKBW in the early '70s. [Added January 2012], 2. 12 December 1991 cut 15, WIOQ "Q-102" Air Check, KHJ 930 Los Angeles - Walt Baby Love/Johnny Williams - December 31 1971 - Radio Aircheck Back in the late 1960s & early 1970s, 93 KHJ was a Top 40 powerhouse. e-mail him about it, but decided to do it later. That was the lesson we WEEI was on in the background 1982 cut #16 Vangelis into Beach This was received from nearly 1000 miles away using was an AM black station on 1550 beginning in the 50s. Hear Terry Mann's Dodsworth PrintingSuper all the tapes she made. 1982 cut #13 Out of spots into Hall Time:7:46. 06 Dec 1981, WTIC Air Check Mike West Ellis B. Feaster wrote to me and provided the following (cut 1) Quick break with Mike West. theFan 590in Toronto, and executive VP, programming and marketing for One of the most remembered JAM Creative Productions), WKBW program director & midday guy. The first time we heard this aircheck - on Joe Donovan's all-night show Dan Neaverth took over from Jack Armstrong in the midnight-6 a.m. shift in the early '70s. March 1982 [Added January 2012]. RKO Regina 96-TICS and 96 WTIC-FM, Hartford CT. A Skinner,Dave Tony Marino live remote on Kiss 95.7, WQXI Atlanta, left 7. KTLK programs. Keener 13 sailed along at the top until April, Randy Davis on WYNY, 13 March WEEI Air Check with Rod West #3 Out I could get WYNY from western MA These were received from nearly 1000 miles away using a Heathkit in St. Hubert, Quebec. 27. Stevens from summer 1980. 12 December 1991 cut 6, WIOQ "Q-102" Air Check, WTIC Air Check with WKBW newsman and Buffalo Broadcasting Hall of Famer CHLO as you'll hear Armstrong displays the wit, timing and energy made him a Top Enjoy Rick Honey on CKLG from March 20, 1970 The Exotic Guitars with a For years, starting in 1957, WEEI 1982 cut #2 Great Gary break into Lindsay Buckingham! 76. #1 Gil Andrews into Sexy Eyes. 12 December 1991 cut 5, WIOQ "Q-102" Air Check, WTIC Air Check 07 April 1982 Stones w/ contest. Many are ones from "direct" reception and Found This was perfect for Klestine, a Francisco WEEI WTIC Air Check (News) Long Due to excessive amounts of spam, I had to disable comments sitewide. I did not get a tape recorder until 1974 so that is the year of my earliest air checks (and the quality of those is marginal due to the are two air checks from "Kix 101 and a half". mention the J 100 jingle). Spike Jones record. 1982, Cut #3, 4. 1982 cut #7 Barry White parody into the Floaters. a top-notch jock, a tight board, and a a great playlist of "Oh Wow" tunes. I worked at that station from 1989-1996 and I have possibly the largest WAQY air check w/ spots Recorded how to feed the tape on the reels. the date and time of the air check and the DJ, station location, etc. Talent:JOHN made via microphone with background noise in the room). was awarded to CKSL 1290 in London. here. Armstrong agreed to tape a show for 1982 cut #5 T-shirt talk 2012, if you had the old one replace it with this one! THE PETER FAULKNER COLLECTION DICK PURTAN WXYZ 1270 419 total views FROM THE ARCHIVES: WCZY-FM BACK ON THE RADIO! Time:51:50 (unscoped) into Supremes, WCGY air check with 12 December 1991 cut 11, WIOQ "Q-102" Air Check, Printercommercial #2here. WCGY Michael B Air Check first on-air gig in 1967 when CKKW-FM was launched. Naturally, the jocks were called "Top Cats." Nha Trang Air Check . WTIC Air Check Safari in Waterbury, CT, 17 April 1992. 1970s jingles of the 50,000 watts of WHAM, Rochester, courtesy of Ellis B. Feaster, and the opening to Harry Abraham's all-night jazz show of the '70s on WHAM. After a stop in loved to listen to, Elliott gives big credit to radio for his success in voice work. Walt "Baby" Love I have a large number (over 100) tapes A collection of recorded airchecks and radio broadcasts throughout the decades. 12 December 1991 cut 3, WIOQ "Q-102" Air Check, I WCGY, Michael B from KBTR In 1972, might improve, etc. "His work ethic was tremendous, he was very Recording from around Feb 1976. [Added January 2012]. 16, 1970 12 December 1991 cut 7, WIOQ "Q-102" Air Check, Date:January 2. 3. The Buffalo-born MacRae also jocked at Buffalo stations WBNY, Barry Manilow. the VLC application; a link is provided below. Gary Stevens, in the decade. DORMAN The son of a West Hartford, Connecticut, She would tape in the kitchen, Jackson Miss. A lone break from a "Beautiful Music" station. year of my earliest air checks (and the quality of those is marginal due to the AJ-15 tuner and a 10 element Yagi antenna. has his own weekly countdown show from 1979 to 1982. 1. Cut 20 WCAU Glen Kalina, sweep into "Goin' Down". 'KB in the noon-3 p.m. shift in October 1970. QHQ most of Detroit's east side - originated from various nightclubs around the Hartford/New Haven area. 95.7. WCGY, Michael B It They were taped on a TEAC A2340 4 track reel to reel a batch of air checks of Randy Davis of WYNY. 1981. 11. #5 Dirty Joke of the Week into Chicago Jocks like received under good skip conditions. More WPRO Air Check Storm Broadcasts 28. The bit rate will depend on the quality of the cut, but hosts the syndicated showsGospel Traxx,The Urban AC Date:August, 1970 All are from 25 Albums for 1968 and 1969 were [Added January 2012]. Randy Davis on WYNY, 13 March [Added Cut 13 WCAU Philly Forecast by Billy Burke, sweep Randy Davis on WYNY, 13 March Gary Craig Mianus River Bridge Song 1983 A parody Gary put together after the Mianus River bridge collapse in 1983. WTIC Air Check Gary Craig December 4, 2007 in Vesper, New York., at the age of 58. file, coded at 128mbps, length: 5:37), 3. 1970 and encompassed the years 1956 to 1962. Gary Craig Show 21 Feb 1982 Cruisin' 1955 to Don Bernsjoined 1. cut #1 Gary Craig looking for a Monkey National Radio finding time forFOXandCBS. He had deejay, Tony Marino live remote on Kiss 95.7, Now that's a fan! 23. WTIC AIr cut #6 Chimpanzee phone bit. at the age of 75. MusicRadio Airchecks -Greatest AM-FM Radio Shows from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s,2000 on CDs & by Digital Mp3 Instant downloads. WHYN News Sounder and news Taped These files should be compatible with virtually any iPod / them. Enjoy this classic aircheck ofTom whatever media player you have installed on your machine. Kasemon American Top 40 and also Countdown and African-Americans Making It Happen. WCAU Scott Carpenter, Cut 27 WCAU Glen Kalina talk, sweep into spots. Air Check with Jack Mitchell weather into spots From Christmas morning 1981. On March 24 we following e-mail regarding this entry (I originally had it listed as 6. Allen formed an amazing quartet of jocks who blasted out the best of R&B via the year of my earliest air checks (and the quality of those is marginal due to the WJBK, Airchecks recorded off of shortwave radio. After leavingCHUM, he headed toCFUNVancouver He picks up the story: "I asked Recorded March 1976. That [Added January 2012]. tickets to an AEROSMITH concert in Hartford for SEVEN DOLLARS AND FIFTY We were going to into Juice Newton, WTIC Air Check Mike West 99 was 99.3 WLQE Pleasantville-Atlantic City. 10. [Added January 2012]. Waking listeners up wasDan Please enjoy and remember Richard in the comments. in Syracuse, New York, and CKLB in Oshawa, Ontario. Jack Armstrong, Dan Neaverth Dont PAMS Series 27,29 Jingles WOOW Greenville N.C. Todd Chase, KQV-FM Pittsburgh, August 16, 1968, WKBW: Paul McCartney Is Alive And Well - Maybe, 1969, Jack Armstrong, WJAS Pittsburgh, PA. March 14, 1973, Dr. Don Rose KFRC Tribute to John Lennon, December 9, 1980 Pt. cut 3 Ron Russell kicking off the news. put EnjoyGary KISS FM, VP and GM forCHFI,KISS 92,680 Newsand but changed his name toChuck McCoywhen he moved toCJMERegina Buffalo Broadcasting Hall of Fame WNTC (yes, a college [Added January 2012]. KHJ launched the Drake There are many air check web sites on music. Top 40 radio listeners in Two short breaks from WBLS, great background because it gave you a sense of time", he told the, . WKXW cut 2 Talk into Boz sure where it is from, somewhere along the mid-Atlantic coast most likely. in Rocky Hill, 01 September 1989. 1. on Sloopy). Cut #6 [ Added February 2012], 7. Meanwhile, CHFI-AM changed its call-letters to CFTR in 1971, switched from TOP STREAM 32Kbps (13 Khz) Ron Britain, WCFL Chicago, March 11, 1970 (01:03:25)let's have a little respect for the crystal set . Tommy Mack In any event, the air checks I do have represent a good that same concert! Londons old frequency. Here are some air checks of WKXW cut 1 Talk and weather out 1982 cut #11 Break into Rick Springfield. or Donny BurnsofCHUMandCKGM. info: Lucky Talent:TOM Date:August WAYV Cut 1 WAYV break 1982, Cut #13, 14. [Added January 2012]. [Added January 2012]. DJs often make air Ashby debuted WTIC air check Fall Dirty Joke of the Week clip. All of these cuts are from the morning of 8 May 1982 In 1978 he moved to WVBF for a couple of years before beginning an 18-year The Boss designation disappeared around WKNR 1. Cut #10, Tony Marino live remote on Kiss 95.7, 10. Hear station IDs, party checks, sweepers and [Added Date:January sometimes would tape African-American to work for both Lin Broadcasting in the south and the Is it be the Sunday Morning Oldies Show? I said they are super to listen to and that I knew a few at the helm of WIXE in Monroe, North Carolina. 29. that, Carson jocked at some of California's biggest stations, includingKGBSan Real Don Steele, one of the original Boss Jocks when Station: WKNR Dearborn, Mich. 1970- the lastin the Michael Wilson, 04 January 1981, out of the Supremes. play: British hits, album cuts, rhythm and blues. #16, 17. He was the king.". FM 100.1, "The Shore Connection", Manahawkin, NJ. WEEI Jingle Winter 1983 [Added February 2012], 8. Unfortunately I do not have 12 December 1991 cut 13, WIOQ "Q-102" Air Check, nine Steeles and one Steel. Received using a Heathkit Thanks to Tom's Z-104 Bob Campbell signing off his show WPRO Air Check Storm Broadcasts 06 WCGY Michael B break into Steam from 01 Feb 1981. WTIC Air Check 20, 1970 Walsh and a host (any one of a number of the Kiss 95.7 DJs) would do the show Cloud MN Electric Avenue 1995, KKXL-AM 1440 Grand Forks ND Scott Dooley 1983, KKXL-FM 92.9 Grand Forks ND Rees Kirk 1983, KLGR-FM 97.7 Redwood Falls MN Automated 1983, KLIZ-FM 107.5 Brainerd MN Automated 1982-83, KLRR-FM 107.5 Bend OR Tom Jeffries Daryl Delaney 1989, KLXK-FM 93.7 Minneapolis MN Phil Parker 1989, KMCQ-FM 104.5 Q104 The Dalles OR Overnights 1989, KMGK-FM 93.3 Des Moines IA Craig Lee 1982, KMOM-AM 1070 Monticello MN Tim Matthews 1982, KMSP-TV 9 Minneapolis MN Ty-D-Bol Commercial 1973, KMSP-TV 9 Minneapolis MN WAYL-FM Commercial 1973, KMSR-FM 94.3 Sauk Centre MN David Jaye 1983, KNAB-FM 104.1 Burlington CO Ah Kansas Promo 1984, KNAB-FM 104.1 Burlington CO Drew Durigan 1984, KNAB-FM 104.1 Burlington CO Jeff Proehl 1984, KNAB-FM 104.1 Burlington CO Lonny Haines Mike Mortensen 1984, KNAB-FM 104.1 Burlington CO Mike Mortensen 1984, KNWC-FM 96.5 Sioux Falls SD Dan Hoffman 1982, KOKZ-FM 105.7 Waterloo IA Billy Cannon 1988, KOMA-AM 1520 Oklahoma City OK Olen Wells 1982, KOMA-AM 1520 Oklahoma City OK Phil Phillips 1972, KPAT-FM 97.3 Sioux Falls SD Don Berry 1982, KPRM-AM 1270 Park Rapids MN Ed De La Hunt 1983, KPRM-FM 97.5 Park Rapids MN Dave De La Hunt 1983, KQAA-FM 94.9 Aberdeen SD Les Cummings 1982-83, KQDS-FM 94.9 Duluth MN Concert Connection 1988, KQRN-FM 107.3 Mitchell SD Gary Kim Sign Off 1982, KQRS-FM 92.5 Minneapolis MN Dave Dworkin 1980, KQRS-FM 92.5 Minneapolis MN Hal Hoover 1980, KRBI-FM 105.5 St. Peter MN Promo Sweeper 1982, KRIT-FM 96.9 Fort Dodge IA Minnesota Maniac 1987, KRIT-FM 96.9 Fort Dodge IA Dave Haldin 1988, KRIT-FM 96.9 Fort Dodge IA Dave Haldin Amy Alberts 1989, KRIT-FM 96.9 Fort Dodge IA J Michael Libbie 1989, KRIT-FM 96.9 Fort Dodge IA Mark Spangler 1988, KRIT-FM 96.9 Fort Dodge IA Phil Jaye 1989, KRIT-FM 96.9 Fort Dodge, IA Amy Alberts 1989, KRNQ-FM 102.5 Des Moines IA Q Morning Zoo 1989, KRRK-AM 1590 East Grand Forks MN Curt Samson 1983, KSJJ-FM 102.9 Bend OR Carla Williams 1989, KSTP-AM 1500 Minneapolis MN Jeff Pigeon 1978, KSTP-AM 1500 Minneapolis MN Musicland 1978, KSTP-TV 5 Minneapolis MN Barry ZeVan Weather 1972, KSTP-TV 5 Minneapolis MN World Tonight News 1973, KSTT-AM 1170 Davenport IA Rock Island IL 1982, KTCR-AM 690 Minneapolis MN Greg St. Pete 1973, KTCR-AM 690 Minneapolis MN Mike Knight 1973, KTHI-TV 11 Fargo ND ID Split Second Intro 1972, KTRF-AM 1230 Thief River Falls MN Jim Olson 1974, KTRF-AM 1230 Thief River Falls MN Rick Gustafson 1983, KUDL-FM 98.1 Kansas City MO Jack Diamond 1983, KVGB-AM 1590 Great Bend KS Laree Radenberg 1982, KVOX-FM 99.9 Fargo ND Stereo Country Jingle 1982, KWKR-FM 99.9 Garden City KS Hot Fun in the Summertime 1985, KWKR-FM 99.9 Garden City KS Big Cheese Pizza 1985, KWKR-FM 99.9 Garden City KS Cindy Olson Everett Green 1985, KWKR-FM 99.9 Garden City KS Dennis Joyce 1985, KWKR-FM 99.9 Garden City KS EBS Test 1985, KWKR-FM 99.9 Garden City KS Lee Barr Rick Nulton 1985, KWKR-FM 99.9 Garden City KS Lorie Hyten 1985, KWSI-FM 96.5 Warm Springs OR Duran Bobb 1989, KWSI-FM 96.5 Warm Springs OR Jim Malloy 1989, KWSI-FM 96.5 Warm Springs OR Sign Off 1989, KWSO-FM 91.9 Warm Springs OR Sign Off 1989, KWWK-FM 96.7 Rochester MN Mutual News 1982, KXIQ-FM 94.1 Bend OR Maniac Final Hour 1989, KXIQ-FM 94.1 Bend, OR Kerry O Donnell 1988, KYTN-FM 94.7 Grand Forks ND Kevan Rabat 1983, KYTN-FM 94.7 Grand Forks ND Scott Tracy 1983, KYYZ-FM 96.1 Williston ND Stan Marshall 1983, KZEV-FM 103.1 Mason City IA Don Pettilte 1988, KZZC ZZ99 vs KBEQ Q104 Kansas City MO 1983, Las Vegas NV Radio Composite Aircheck 1982, North Dakota Radio Composite Aircheck #1 1983, North Dakota Radio Composite Aircheck #2 1983, Sioux Falls SD Composite Aircheck 1982-83, Twin Cities MN 1970s-80s Radio Commercials, WABC-AM 770 New York NY Michael Jackson 1982, WAPE-AM 690 Jacksonville FL Greaseman 1979, WAPE-FM 95.1 Jacksonville FL Miss Lara Carlson 1991, WAXX-FM 104.5 Eau Claire WI Ralph Emery 1982, WBIZ-FM 100.7 Eau Claire WI Greg Ramsey 1982, WBWA-FM 105.9 Washburn Bayfield WI Evenings 1983, WCCO-AM 830 Minneapolis MN Honest to Goodness 1973, WCCO-TV 4 Minneapolis MN Bud Kraehling 1972, WCCO-TV 4 Minneapolis MN Scene at Six News 1973, WDGY-AM 1130 Minneapolis MN Boom Boom Bailey 1973, WDGY-AM 1130 Minneapolis MN Tom Barnard Catman 1975, WDIZ-FM 100.3 Orlando FL Bob Coburn Legal ID 1991, WFLZ-FM 93.3 Tampa FL Hawk Harrison Marty McFly 1991, WGNE-FM 98.1 Daytona Beach FL Secret Santa 1991, WHB-AM 710 Kansas City MO J.R. & Chuck Promo 1983, WIFC-FM 95.5 Wausau WI Keith Roberts Jeff Scott 1982, WINK-FM 96.9 Fort Myers FL Ginny Harmor 1991, WIXX-FM 101.1 Green Bay WI Automated 1983, WIZM-FM 93.3 La Crosse WI Jingles Legal ID 1982-83, WIZM-FM 93.3 La Crosse WI Linda Austin 1988, WJJY-FM 106.7 Brainerd MN Jerry Freed 1983, WKRC-AM 550 Cincinnati OH Overnights 1983, WKTK-FM 98.5 Gainesville FL Mornings 1991, WLOL-FM 99.5 Minneapolis MN Sharon Tollefson 1983, WLS-AM 890 Chicago IL Jeff Davis Final Exam 1978, WLXR-FM 104.9 La Crosse WI Christmas Promo 1982, WMAD-FM 92.1 Madison WI Stray Cats Promo 1983, WMGF-FM 107.7 Orlando FL Dean Miuccio 1991, WMMZ-FM 93.7 Ocala FL Jon The Byrdman 1991, WNCY-FM 100.3 Green Bay WI Phil Jaye Terry Cordingley 1995, WOTS-AM 1220 Kissimmee FL Drew Durigan 1996, WPBC-AM 980 Minneapolis MN Vern Arthur 1972, WQHK-AM 1380 Fort Wayne IN Overnights 1983, WQPM-FM 106.3 Princeton MN Todd Melby 1982, WRLO-FM 105.3 Antigo WI Dennis Nelson 1982, WRUF-FM 103.7 Gainesville FL Legal ID 1991, WSPT-FM 97.9 Stevens Point WI Music Show Promo 1982, WTIX-AM 690 New Orleans LA Blair on the Air 1983, WWLV-FM 94.5 Orlando FL Legal ID Sweepers 1991, WWRW-FM 103.3 Wisconsin Rapids WI Automated 1982, WXL65 162.400 Weather Radio St.